Switch Kit

Switch to Mauch Chunk Trust Company

When it comes to banking, we know you have many choices. We also understand that switching banks can be somewhat inconvenient. That’s why we have put together a few simple steps you may need to switch to Mauch Chunk Trust Company.

As a customer of MCT, you have our commitment that we’ll do our very best to understand your financial needs and that we’ll work hard to meet those needs today and in the years to come. Thank you for your decision to switch, and welcome to Mauch Chunk Trust Company!

Here are some simple suggestions to help make your move to MCT quick and easy.

Step One

Open a checking & savings account

  • One of our knowledgeable and experienced branch employees will help you choose an MCT checking account that is right for you.
  • Order your new MCT checks.

Step Two

Begin using your new MCT checking & savings right away.

Stop using your old account. Leave sufficient funds to cover outstanding items and fees. Print out the payee screen from your old bank's online bill pay to use when you setup MCT Bill Pay.

Step Three

Add the security and convenience of direct deposit to your MCT checking or savings.

  • For Payroll Direct Deposit, simply Complete this Direct Deposit Authorization Form or any other form your employer requires. In addition to this form, be sure to provide your employer with a voided MCT check and remember to verify with your employer as to when your direct deposits will begin.
  • For Social Security Direct Deposit, please call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 and make your request directly over the phone. Be sure to have your new MCT checks with you when you call.

Step Four

Remember to change any automatic payments you may have from your old account to your new MCT checking or savings.

  • Do you have insurance premiums, utility payments, recurring loan payments, membership dues, or any other payments automatically deducted from your old account? Contact each provider and give them your new account information.

Step Five

Close your old account at your other bank.

  • Once all the checks you have written and any other payments have cleared your account, it’s time to close that account.

Welcome to Mauch Chunk Trust Company, and thank you for choosing us as your partner in achieving your financial goals. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-570-325-2265, toll free at 1-877-325-2265. Or stop by any branch office. Our Personal Bankers would be happy to help you with any part of this process!

Required Documentation to Open Accounts

Personal Banking Account

What documents do I need to open a personal account?

  • Driver’s license-current, state-issued, valid, with photo OR
  • Identification card- current, state-issued, valid, with photo OR
  • Passport-current, valid, with photo, OR
  • Alien Registration-current, valid, with photo
  • Your social security number.

Business Banking Account

What documents do I need to open a business account?

  • Sole Proprietor - the same documents as a personal account.
  • Corporation - Articles of Incorporation and Company By-Laws.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Articles of Organization and Company Operating Agreement.
  • Partnership – Partnership Agreement.
  • Your employer identification number (EIN) or your tax ID number (TIN)