MCT Community Heroes


MCT's annual Community Heroes Program honors four individuals each year who have displayed outstanding service to their community, as selected by a volunteer committee. Do you know someone who devotes an extraordinary amount of volunteer time to a non-profit and/or charitable organization? 

Nominate someone for 2025!

Congratulations to the new 2024 MCT Community Heroes!

  • Judy Borger, Palmerton
  • Tammy Recker, Palmerton
  • Aggie Schoenberger, Lehighton
  • Yvonne Stoffey, Coaldale

Community Heroes Announcement 2024

The selected heroes will be invited to join us MCT Community Appreciation Day on Friday, May 24, 2024 at our main office in Jim Thorpe, PA to be met by the community and invited press between 11am-12:30pm. We will also host a special award banquet (June 13, 2024, 6pm) for the new MCT Community Heroes and their families, as well as past Community Heroes. The new Heroes will receive an award from MCT, citations from both their State Representative and State Senator, and a $200 donation to the organization/charity of their choice.

Selection Criteria for Nominees:

  • Individual that is/has been active in non-profit/community organizations that benefit or improve the quality of life in Carbon County, PA and/or the Tamaqua, PA area on a volunteer basis and who devotes a substantial amount of their personal time to those activities (scouting, sports, charities, etc.) and has made a significant impact and contribution to their community.
  • Minimum age requirement - 25 years old
  • Current MCT employees are ineligible.
  • Heroes previously selected are ineligible. Previous heroes are listed below.
  • Religious affiliated nomination will be accepted if nominee is involved in faith-based activities that benefit the wider community (food bank, clothes drives, etc.).
  • No posthumous nominations.

Current & Previous MCT Community Heroes

First / Last Name (Selection Year)

Sherri L. Anthony (2007)
Susan “Sue” Anthony (2009)
Larry L. Arner (2007)
Susan Y. Arner (2006)
George W. Ashman (2001)
Raymond W. Attewell (2003)
Otto Barbush (2011)
Marlene Basiago (2023)
Lee Becker (2010)
Ronald J. Blisard (2004)
Lee W. Bond (2000)
Judy Borger (2024)
Jeffrey P. Bowe (2015)
Ann Marie Calabrese (2006)
Michael D. Cody (2000)
Arthur W. Connely (2016)
Marveline Costenbader (2010)
Monroe C. Cressley (2005)
Manuel DaCosta (2003)
Georgiann Davis (2022)
Jeana DePuy (2010)
William H. Diehm (2014)
Maureen Donovan (2015)
Tina Dowd (2022)
John Drury (2002)
George H. Duell, Jr. (2011)
Mary Ann Dulaney (2019)
Virginia Dunbar (2002)
Grace Dunn (2004)
Alfred Feuerstein (2013)
Maureen C. Foster (2017)
Mary Fox (2008)
James Gallagher (2003)
Sandra S. Gallagher (2001)
Joseph J. Gogal, Sr. (2000)
Randolph L. Gormley (2010)
Rick Grant (2013)
Manny Guedes (2004)
Robert J. Guth (2000)
Geraldine “Geri” Haas (2011)
Paul J. Hackash (2003)
David W. Hawk (2018)
Horace “Nick” Hawkey (2015)
Olivia Herman (2001)
Lisa Vavra Hiles (2017)
Gordon Holland (2003)
Sharon L. Hontz (2005)
Judy Hoppes (2022)
Fred “Fritz” Hussar (2007)
Theresa M. Kattner (2009)
Peter L. Kern (2012)
Aloysius “Al” Klitsch (2005)
David B. Klitsch (2000)
John “Jack” Koehler (2004)
Al Kohler (2005)
Louise M. Koons (2016)
Rory F. Koons (2002)
Michael D. Kravelk (2007)
Lois Corby Kuba (2023)
Jamie S. Kunkel (2010)
Christine LeClair (2019)
Ralph C. Lennon (2014)
Phyllis Lienhard (2019)
Madeline T. Ligenza (2002)
Gail Maholick (2008)
John F. Martino (2005)
John P. McArdle (2015)
Clem McGinley, MD (2017)
Carl S. Merluzzi (2007)
Rose Marie Mikulski (2012)
Margaret P. Miller (2006)
Todd G. Miller (2009)
Pam Moore (2006)
Edward J. Moyer (2014)
Martha Marie Moyer (2016)
Darlene E. Nothstein (2016)
Richard L. Nothstein (2009)
Wayne Nothstein (2006)
William L. Ocker (2001)
Francis “Snitz” O’Donnell (2010)
Randolph Rabenold (2000)
Shirley A. Radler (2002)
Tammy Recker (2024)
Connie Reinhart (2012)
Josephine A. Rhyder (2008)
Ralph D. Richards, Jr. (2009)
Phillip Rodgers (2000)
Edward “Coogie” Rontz (2000)
Lisa M. Rosenberger (2018)
Barry W. Scherer (2003)
Aggie Schoenberger (2024)
Charles F. Schweibinz (2001)
Frank Sebelin (2008)
Bernard Shea (2023)
Ronald J. Sheehan (2002)
Charles D. Silliman (2005)
Randall L. Smith (2000)
Bill Solomon (2022)
Diane Snyder (2000)
Shirley J. Stamm (2018)
Jack Sterling (2019)
Robert L. Stevenson (2007)
Yvonne Stoffey (2024)
Rev. Donald J. Stump, Sr. (2008)
George R. Taylor (2013)
Ann Marie Tessitore (2000)
Edith M. Thrash (2001)
Mary Sue Urban (2000)
Kenneth J. Vermillion (2008)
Louis A. Vermillion (2006)
Stephen P. Vlossak, Sr. (2009)
James H. Wentz (2014)
Wayne W. Wentz (2011)
Joyce Whaley White (2004)
Arthur Williams (2023)
Larry Wittig (2012)
Vera Yaniga (2004)
Isabel Wasas Zickler (2000)
C. Jean Zimmerman (2013)
Eric Zizelmann (2018)